Troubles and Error messages




Common behaviour and list of (error) messages that might occur


Tag extensions, like FlexForm, cannot hold any html in its arguments.

<_input type="text" value="hello<br>how are you" />

The above example will simply not be rendered. This is how MediaWiki tags work. You can use the following syntax, it at least will not break. It is another way of writing tag code.

{{#tag:_input||type=text|value=hello<br>how are you}}

The HTML will be filtered out.

Here's a list of common error messages that might occur, with a brief description of what the problem might be.

Message Type Why Possible solutions
Can not find template _email shown when the page mentioned in the template cannot be read or parse by the API check page name if it exists or not miss-spelled
not a secure form _form shown when the sec option is set to true and the form has been manipulated after form submit
Secure fields not complete _form shown when the sec option is set to true and files with type is secure (not to be manipulated with) are incomplete after a form submit
Did not receive a session token from the form _form shown when a secure token that is generated by FlexForm did not come with a form submit
Form session expired _form shown when the time between a form render and the actual submit has taken to long Change the config option form-timeout-limit to a higher number in seconds ( default 7200 secs = 120 mins = 2 hours )
No return found _form shown when a form has been submitted but FlexForm cannot find a page to return to after handling the form
no captcha details reCaptcha shown when a form with a recaptcha has been submitted, but no recaptcha information can be found in the form
No requests _form shown when a form has been submitted, but FlexForm could not find any valid request Usually this means the action parameter of a form is invalid.
Cannot find user to connect to file upload _form


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