Using a form to edit pages that have content with templates.


How to edit pages in the wiki with FlexForm



target = Target page ( title or page id ) that needs to be edited

template = Name of the template on the target page that needs to be edited. If there are multiple instances of the same template, you can specify what instance FlexForm should use if you have a unique key and value in the specific instance. You define it by template="<name of template>|<name of argument>=<value of argument>". E.g. template="Edit user|User id=55"

formfield = Name of the field in the template. Field in the form should have the same name

usefield = [optional] If the field in the form differs from the template variable name, you can use "usefield" to let _edit know what other field from the form it should use

value = [optional] Don't read the value from the form field, but use this value explicitly

mwslot = [optional] Name of content slot to use


<_edit target="pageid" template="template" formfield="formfield" />

Simple test with a complete form you can use to see if editing works: Copy the following code snippet to the source code of a page and save. You will see a text field that will edit the "Content" parameter within the "Test" template call. Note that Template:Test does not need to exist for this example to work.


<_edit target="{{PAGEID}}" template="Test" formfield="Content" />
<input type="text" name="Content" />
<input type="submit"/>


  • You can have multiple _edit's in a form all doing different tasks.
  • If you have more than 5 edits to one singe page in the wiki, consider create to speed-up the process.
  • If you omit value, then the value of the form will be used (so what a user has filled in).