Using file uploads


Use a form to upload one or multiple files.


_input type="file"

target* : Name of the File page to be created

pagecontent : Text content to be added on the File Page

force : Force images to a certain format (png, jpg or gif). When using this option, any file uploaded that is not supported will be uploaded as is.

error_id : Id of a DOM Element where error notices will be shown

verbose_id : Id of a DOM element where information about the file is shown

use_label : Doesn't require a value. When an input field has a label attached to it, then the label will become the upload button and the input field will be hidden

dropzone : Doesn't require a value. Will turn the verbose div into an additional file drop zone. If you also use_label, then the label will become the dropzone.

parsecontent: Will force FlexForm to insert values from other form fields inside the pagecontent field. Use square brackets, like [fieldname], where values should be inserted.

template : If you want to store a template call inside the content of the File page, you can template=<name of your template> in combination with parsecontent. [flexform-template] inside your content field will be replaced by {{<name of your template and [/flexform-template] will be replaced by }}. See example 3 on the examples page.

*= a required variable

The target is basically the name you want to use to store the file or files. It recognizes [mwrandom], [filename] and other form fields, by using their name with square brackets around them (see example). pagecontent can also hold form variables.


You can also use the field input to upload an image created from part of the page shown where the form is rendered.

Basically, you tell FlexForm you want to render a part of your screen as an image and upload it to the wiki.

The syntax is the same as above, but it only needs : target and pagecontent. The other arguments are ignored. Additionally it needs an argument called presentor="canvas" and it needs the ID of the element you want to convert to an image: canvas_source_id.

By default the image will always be a .jpg file. We plan to support png if this is requested.

For example you have a DIV element with id="content-to-convert". Within this DIV you have content you want to convert to an image an upload to the Wiki.

A FlexForm to utilize this would look something like this :

<div id="content-to-convert" style="width:500px">
  <h1>Test Screenshot</h1>
  <p>Lots of other content here</p>

<_form action="addToWiki" >
  <_input type="file" presentor="canvas" id="canvasUpload" target="testCanvasFile.jpg" pagecontent="testing" canvas_source_id="content-to-convert"  />
  <_input type="submit" value="upload" />

You cannot use both file uploads in one form.


A _input type="file" always needs a unique ID!