FFAfterFormHandling hook

When FlexForm

  • is initiated with an extension
  • is finished processing a submit and just before it will set notifications and return to the user

it (FlexForm) will first search for the extension in the extension folder. If it cannot find it, the FFAfterFormHandling Hook will run.

Allowing people to do additional actions with the information submitted by the Form.

Available since version 1.1.15
Allows final actions on form values before output
function public static function onFFAfterFormHandling( string $external, array $flexFormFields, HandleResponse &$responseHandler ) { ... }
hook $wgHooks['FFAfterFormHandling'][] = 'MyExtensionHooks::onFFAfterFormHandling';
called from FlexForm/src/Processors/Request/External.php. Method: runHook

The string $external will hold the name of the extension that was assigned to the form.

The array $flexFormFields will be available and hold all submitted Form elements as name->value.

responseHandler function :

on error :

$responseHandler->setReturnType( HandleResponse::TYPE_ERROR );

$responseHandler->setReturnStatus( "Your general error info" );

$responseHandler->setReturnData( "Details information" );

on success you only have to return true. If you want to add a message that FlexForm should show, then you can do the following :

$responseHandler->setReturnType( HandleResponse::TYPE_SUCCESS);

$responseHandler->setReturnData( "Success information" );

Always return true;