Using a form to register a new user in the Wiki


_createuser is very powerfull and needs special attention. This option can create a new user in the Wiki. It will create a random password and send the user details to the users email address. A confirm emailaddress email will also be send.

This functionality is disabled by default and can be enabled by setting the $wgFlexFormConfig['can_create_user'] = true; , see Installation of FlexForm.



username = [mandatory] The new username to be registered

email = [mandatory] The email address of the new user

realname = Optional the real name of the user


Create a new user with username adje

<_form action="addToWiki" >
	<_createuser username="adje" email="" realname="Ad Strack van Schijndel" />
	<_input type="submit" value="create Adje" />


Make sure that when using this powerful function to have the FlexForm setting "secure" to true for more security. Furthermore, take care where you show such a form.