See also the Special page section below.

Basically, if you are a sysop, any page that can be synced will have a slider in the top menu. Click on it and it will turn blue indicating it is synced ( a notification will also be shown ). If the slider is already blue when you visit a page, it simply means the page is already synced and is being monitored for changes. Click the slider again for the page to be excluded from syncing.

User rights

sysop/admins are allowed to set a page to be synced. All other users have no such ability.

Special Page

By default the special page shows a list of all Wiki pages set for syncing.

  • From the Special page you can also create, restore and delete ZIP backups. To be able to use ZIP Backups, make sure ZIPArchive is installed on your PHP setup.
  • The special page also allows for you to do a Semantic MediaWiki Query to quickly add certain pages to PageSync. This feature only works if you have SemanticMediaWiki extension installed.
  • Creating PageSync Share files is also done from the Special page.
  • The Special Page also shows all currently synced pages.
  • Finally you can also delete all synced pages from the Special page. This will not delete any pages in the Wiki, only the ones stored on the server by PageSync.

The entry page for the PageSync Special page will show you a list of all the pages and files that PageSync is monitoring.

Every listing allows for you to remove the page from PageSync by clicking it SYNC slider

The Edit button allows for adding tags and a description to a page. This is useful if you want to create a PageSync Share file.

The entry Special page for PageSync
The entry Special page for PageSync