• status canasta and open CSP
  • Knowledge Base marketing
  • Open CSP website
  • planning


  • Open CSP and Canasta. Since both Jeffrey and Cindy were not in this meeting, Charlot will contact them in a separate meeting.
  • Open CSP as a Knowledge base It is a huge benefit that Open CSP is a full blown Knowledge base right out-of-the-box and we should discuss means of promoting this. Attendees agreed, but also mentioned other items that have not been well promoted. Rich prompted that it is great Open CSP is open source, but this also comes with the fact that administrators usually have more work maintaining and upgrading extensions etc. Overall Open CSP lowers the cost-of-ownership, which is a huge benefit. As a result, Lars will right-up the pro's in regards to maintaining an Open CSP based website. ( Red: )
  • Viktor offered some inside on work at his company in regards to expanding the WikiSearch extension to be able to show results from not only Elastic Search, but other sources as well. This could be potentially very interesting as WikiSearch is part of Open CSP.
  • Ad, not having much experience with actual setting up servers and actually being able to run Open CSP 2.0, had a one-on-one with Bryan to setup a VM with Open CSP 2 to play around with it and have a look at the differences compared to the first release of Open CSP
  • Ad and Bryan also suggested a sandbox like website for Open CSP 2. There are several options.. turn into a Open CSP 2 installed website ( it is currently based on a different version ); and/or create a ( by invite or request only ) sandbox like Open CSP 2 website where interested people can test and try-out Open CSP 2. By request of invite only, can also demonstrate the fact that Open CSP 2 has built-in user group restrictions if needed.
  • Next meeting to be set in 2 weeks.