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The PageSync MediaWiki extension allows for storing any wiki page content to a file on the server. Allowing for it be e.g. pushed to git or bitbucket and deployed on another server. The reason for development of PageSync was to have all application artifacts, including templates, forms and other pages in the wiki, under version control.

PageSync has a maintenance script to import pages from file. This enables automatic deployment of wikis and transfer of content from one wiki to another.

PageSync is able to sync all Multi Revision Content slots and will also sync Files in the File namespace. Additionally you can save all synced files as a ZIP Archive and exchange the ZIP archive.

Pages that have been added to PageSync can also be given tags and descriptions. With these tags you can pick certain pages and files and combine them into one PageSync Share file. Such a share file can be shared with others that have PageSync installed and will only install the pages and files inside the Share file without adding them to PageSync. A one time pages and files instalment.

For more information on installing and usage, please have a look at the documentation.


We usually have a developing environment. When developing is done, we push our code to a repository. From there we create a Docker container and we deploy it to a Testing server. From there it is deployed to an Acceptance server and finally to production.

This is all fine with PHP and or JavaScript code, but we also create templates and widgets that are fundamental for it all to work properly.

With PageSync, we can now also push our Templates, Widgets or any important Wiki page to our repository. When deploying a container, the PageSync maintenance script is automatically run and therefore also updating pages in the Wiki.

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