Ad had to leave after 5 mins due to a birthday

Cindy and Jeffrey left after 30 mins due to other meetings


  1. Status Open CSP 2.0
    1. Status Documentation
    2. Status internal rewrite and changes to beta version
    3. Status install script
    4. Status web installer
    5. Status compatibility check current MediaWiki installment and consequences
  2. What others can contribute
  3. Planning for October release


(1.2) Liselot started off by telling us the new and improved user experience features; mw 1.39 compatible; and compatibility with future Parsoid releases. In theory people can upgrade from Open CSP beta to Open CSP 2.0, but it is not supported by default.

(1.1) Charlot talked more about documentation and also Liselot will be adding more technical documentation the coming two weeks. Ad might be able to contribute to this as well

(1.3) Wout, from Wikibase Solutions, is currently writing the install script

(1.4, 1.5) An extension WSImageVersion is to be forked and renamed to OpenCSP. It will hold the current Open CSP version, a special page with compatibility check and a special page to run the install as an admin from a Special Page instead of a terminal.

(2, 3) Charlot will have a look at creating a promotional video and a more technical or demonstration of use video. These can be used for socials and for Cindy to talk the importance of splitting content from meta data and other subjects. SMWCon is mentioned.

(2) Bryan will, once Open CSP 2 is released, contribute to the documentation and his findings.

(2) Bryan wants to use ArrayFunctions and suggested some sort of Sandbox. Action for Marijn.