How to submit a form


To have a form send to the handler it must have a submit button.

_input elements of type "submit" are rendered as buttons. When the click event occurs (typically because the user clicked the button), the user agent attempts to submit the form to the server.

mwpausebeforerefresh can be added to a submit button, to make FlexForm wait a specified number of seconds before refreshing a page after completing form actions. See example 3.

FlexForm has several ways to submit form.

Example 1 is the traditional way

A user clicks the submit button and the page refreshes or, depending on the form settings, brings the user to e.g. a thank you page.

Example 2 is submitting a Form using Ajax

Meaning the user will stay on the page without the need to reload a page. This can be very handy if a page has several FlexForms that do various tasks.


_input type="submit"

All other arguments like "class" "id" etc are allowed


Example 1

<_input type="submit" value="Send Request" />

Example 2

<_input type="submit" value="Send Request" mwidentifier="ajax" />

Example 3

<_input type="submit" mwpausebeforerefresh="2"/>


When a user clicks on a submit button. FlexForm disables the button (to prevent clicking more than once), will add a class of "wsform-submitting" to the form while it is being submitted and will add a class "wsform-submitted" when it is done (this last class is only relevant for ajax submit).